Legrand India opens its first design studio ‘Innoval’ in Mumbai

Legrand India launched its first design studio ‘Innoval’ in Mumbai. The company has such studios across the world and are known for offering solution to its customers from various verticals. This studio is aimed at catering to the different needs of Indian customers. The company plans to launch similar studios in different cities of India – Chennai, Ahmedabad and Lucknow. In their endeavour to make it more user-friendly, Legrand has adopted digital approach to address the need of their customers.

Speaking exclusively to Architecture Update, Sameer Saxena, Director- Marketing, Legrand India, said, “By and large basic elements of the studio will remain same for all the cities that we are going to open. But if there is any specific demand from a particular region, we will definitely customise accordingly.”

Legrand has two-pronged strategy to stay ahead in the market – investment in R&D (Research and Development) and acquisition of other companies. “We invest 5% in R&D at regular intervals and secondly acquisition to check on business models as to acquire companies for a strategic effect. Our key motto is to anticipate the trends of the customers much in advance by understanding the needs of the customers is our sole strategy,” added Saxena.

Throwing light on GST (Goods and Services tax) Jean Charles Thuard, CEO & MD, Legrand India, said, “India is a success story for the group as we have various India specific products. We are working on GST as it is part of India. Its not our duty to comment on what is good or what is bad but what we do is we consider the market scenario and work on it. Legrand India is optimistic about GST being implemented as it will simplify the flow of the business.”

( Kajol | Mumbai )

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