Legrand India announces its first voice controlled experiential centre in Bangalore

-Legrand India launches first voice controlled experience center- Innoval in Bangalore

Legrand India, a global leader in electrical and digital building infrastructure, inaugurated their first voice-enabled state-of-the-art experience centre Innoval in the tech city Bangalore, recently. Innoval will host Legrand Group India’s company products – Legrand, Numeric & Valrack. Innoval made its first-time entry in the Asia Pacific region with its launch in Mumbai, India followed by its successful launch in Ahmedabad, Lucknow. The company is now all set to seize the Bangalore market with its voice-enabled experiential centre launch. This is the first such showroom in India to be fully automated and voice controlled.

The narrative at Innoval is based on the concept of ‘Source to End Usage’, where the products are arranged in relation to each other and according to where they fall on the energy and data distribution grid. The IoT enabled product offerings across multiple categories include- IOT switches, Wireless Speakers, Assisted Living, Customised Hospitality Solutions, IOT based Energy Monitoring, Data Centre Monitoring System, Intelligent PDUs etc. The products are compatible with popular third-party voice-controlled devices available in the market like Google Home and Alexa along with their own mobile applications and touch panels.

Keeping in mind the vastly different profiles of visitors, the products are arranged as per the business verticals, namely – Home Automation, User Interface, Energy Distribution, Structured Cabling, UPS and Cable Management. The design approach is based on the concept of Designeering. It has all the technicalities of engineering but put forth in an intuitive and easy to understand communication system. With the interactive product displays, fully automated experience, educational infographics and clean minimal visual language, Innoval have been designed to provide its visitors with a hands-on experience that can help them make an informed choice.

Jean Charles Thuard, CEO & MD, Legrand India inaugurates the first voice controlled experience centre- Innoval in Bangalore

Innoval is also built from the perspective of providing training for all players in the electrical trade, from investors to installers. Legrand has been known industry-wide for its innovation, value adds to solutions, and in helping these professionals adapt to a constantly changing business. The purpose of Innoval is to support all of these partners (investors, system integrator, architects, panel builder, end customer etc.) by helping them to acquire new skills in order to better understand the market. Innoval also seeks to engage with direct consumers wanting to experience the brand before making a purchase decision. With the new generation becoming decision makers, the demand for products with innovation, technology has increased, and Legrand wants to tap this growing user base.

Jean Charles Thuard, CEO & Managing Director, Legrand India said, ‘The breadth of Legrand’s offer has diversified over the last 20 years in India. It has developed product solution for various industries and its user (investors, system integrator, architects, panel builder, end customer etc.) To speak to these new aged customers and to consolidate its credibility with regards to the new offers and expertise, Legrand has updated its approach for its customers”. He further added, “Today with the launch of first voice-enabled experiential centre- Innoval, Legrand wants to provide an experience that is unique to the brand. Legrand aggressively sees voice technology taking centre space in our lives and in all the devices that we use. Legrand recent launch of IP based Door Phone Classe300 allows you to access/control your home from any location in the world by means of voice. We will be increasingly launching such solutions going forward. Today with the launch in Bangalore we plan to reach out to our customers and business partners in Bangalore. Customers are evolving and becoming more involved in the product they are buying. This is a great way to establish dialogues with these new-age modern customers and to showcase new offers. Innoval allows Legrand to be more than just a supplier, rather act as a genuine partner, creating close ties with the electrical and digital trade as a whole.”

Sameer Saxena, Director- Marketing, Legrand India said, “Legrand has a vast offering of electrical and digital infrastructure products across several business verticals; many of which highly technical to understand. The idea behind Innoval was to break this down for the customer, by curating the products within a framework of an experiential and interactive narrative that is simpler to comprehend. It was the first time in India that any B2B brand is taking step towards B2B experience zone for their customer (in a highly technical segment). The same could have been possible due to an innovative and creative thought process of worlds and countries leading electrical giant – Legrand.”