Lamiwood launches ‘Holz Parket’ Engineered Hardwood flooring 

Lamiwood  Flooring Company, serving the sector of wooden flooring for the past 12 years, has launched Holz Parket Hardwood flooring with patented Valinge 2 Locking Technology for the first time in India. Lamiwood understands the industry requirement and is dedicated to delivering exceptional products that are designed to last for years.

Holz Parket comes with a choice of different patterns and designs in engineered flooring like Chevron, Herringbone & Long Planks- 1900x190x15/4mm which has a better visual impact and with a choice of more than 50 colours. It comes with durability and structural stability of patented Valinge 2g Click locking system from Sweden, which makes sure that these engineered floors are up to 15x more durable than ordinary wood flooring. Its 3 layer construction with click locking does not need any sub-floor, plywood base, nails, staples or glue, it can be installed straight on the floor. It comes with dent proof, scratch resistance, fireproof & cigarette butt resistant.

The main species of wood we work with are Oak, Walnut and Merbau which comes with different colours and variations. Holz Parket hardwood flooring features real wood brushed surface with variation is grains and real wood variation. The floors are available in a 15mm thickness with 4mm of wood top layer, the length of the floors are 1900mm and the width is 190mm. These longer and wider planks impart a unique custom look. Brushed Matt surface with tough Lacquer keeps the dust out and gives your floor a natural look.

According to Vaibhav, CEO, Lamiwood Wooden Flooring,  “Valinge 2G Click locking engineered hardwood floors with patented Locking Technology from Sweden is the most efficient in the market and can be installed in every part of the home, office, hotel rooms etc”.

At Lamiwood, we thrive to be at our best and offer outstanding products from different parts of the world & one of which is Hardwood Engineered floors by Holz Parket.

Price: Ranging from INR 350 to 750 /sqft.

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