Kids biennial in Sharjah sees dream cities come to life

594096_1A host of young artists have shown their natural flair in the Architecture Design category of the fifth Sharjah Children Biennial (SCB) with an impressive collection of creative landscapes, from high-rise buildings and urban settings to small towns and rural villages and everything in between. The pieces underlined the children’s imagination, perfectly highlighting this edition’s theme: ‘A World as Big as Your Imagination’.

The artworks are being exhibited at Sharjah Art Museum, which will be housing the SCB, displaying each of its three categories: Architecture Design, Environment and Fantasy and Reality. SCB is also hosting a series of art workshops covering various themes for all of its young visitors to enjoy.

Through their works, the children imagined the future of their countries, depicting the beauty and variance of architecture, blending reality with imagination while spreading the message of love and peace across the world.

The children unveiled their visions and perceptions of what constituted ‘a home’. They drew and painted small huts, fruit-shaped houses, tall buildings, skyscrapers and other designs that reflected their unlimited and creative imaginations about what a home should look like. While some children worked on realistic scenes from their daily lives, others imagined how houses would look like in the future, on Mars or even in virtual worlds.

The promising young artists also submitted 3D architectural designs that reflected an artistic maturity, an advanced level of creativity and a sound knowledge of the aesthetics of various art forms. Some artworks utilised bicycle wheels, empty cartons, cubes and random scrap metal to form a miniature city.

The variation was reflected in terms of the art genre of each piece from expressionism, realism and cubism to structuralism and surrealism. The ideas were depicted by the children’s perception of their connections to homes on the one hand, and on the other, the presence of family in the artworks, carrying messages of love, unity, and security.


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