Kartell celebrates 50 years of componibili

(Image Courtesy: www.interiordesign.net)

In an industry keen for the next new thing, longevity is a rare feat. Kartell brings the bragging rights with 50 years of Componibili, one of its most iconic collections, and a perpetual bestseller since its 1967 debut.

(Image Courtesy: www.interiordesign.net)
(Image Courtesy: www.interiordesign.net)

Designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri, the late wife of founder Giulio Castelli, the storage system championed the now-ubiquitous concept of modularity, and defied the practice of pigeonholing furniture by room or function. Another innovation: using ABS plastic for furnishings, unheard of at the time. As always, individual elements may be fitted with casters and doors, perhaps topped with removable trays, and intermingled to create stools, tables, cabinets, or shelving units. But this year, the manufacturer observes the milestone with a special range of metallic finishes: chrome, copper, and the especially apt gold.

(Source: www.interiordesign.net)




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