JSW Cement launches Concreel HD

(Image: Livemint)

JSW Cement  a subsidiary of the USD 11 billion  JSW Group based in Mumbai, launched their product – ‘Concreel HD,’ which will be manufactured at its Dolvi unit in Maharashtra. Over the next three months JSW Cement is increasing its capacity from 1 MTPA to 2.2 MTPA by 2018, further expanding it to 4.5 MTPA by 2019 at its Dolvi plant.

“The total capacity of JSW Cement is 12.5 MTPA, and our aim is to take the capacity to 20 MTPA by 2020, and later we plan to launch an IPO. The proceeds of the IPO will be used to expand the capacity further. JSW also aims at becoming a one-stop solution for home building, we would be launching JSW Paints sometime next year,” said Parth Jindal, MD, JSW Cement.

The company’s strategy is to acquire limestone blocks in the Northern and the Central belts of India which could later hold a strong reason to expand in those regions. JSW Cement IPO will be launched sometime after the 2019 General Election.

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