Jaquar Group’s Luxury Bath Brand Artize wins the Red Dot design award for ‘Tailwater’

The Red Dot Design Awards’ panel of experts, awards its internationally recognised seal of quality only to products that win them over with their high design quality. Included in the winner’s list of 2018 is the Tailwater faucet, manufactured by the Jaquar Group’s luxury brand Artize, and designed by the London-based product design consultancy Danelon Meroni Design Studio.

Mr Sandeep Shukla, Head – Marketing Communications, Jaquar Group added, “Jaquar Group truly believes in providing bathroom solutions where design, technology and talent combine to deliver a masterpiece. Tailwater is aimed to provide the luxury segment, a synthesis of true craftsmanship. We are glad to receive yet another accolade for our design & innovation and will continue to create exquisite bathroom products for the connoisseurs of fine living.”

A unique, one-of-its-kind creation- Artize ‘Tailwater’ is inspired by nature and the elegant, fluid lines of contemporary architecture, Tailwater is the result of the designers’ deep research of freeform, combining technological know-how with a unique vision for modern bathroom ware.

A beautiful faucet that reminds you of a bird perched at the edge of a pool, the Tailwater faucet’s lever and spout are united in a single, friendly form, which is simple and enjoyable to use. The ‘tail’ acts as a mixer lever, which moves smoothly backwards and to the left and right.

The curve of the tap’s body echoes the movement and flow of water, while its reflective surface appears as seamless as liquid metal. Extensively prototyped and finely tuned for ergonomic comfort, function and aesthetics, the curved lever is both intuitive and inviting to the touch. When tilted backwards, the tap’s form is transformed into a graceful silver arc.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards, ‘Tailwater’ is a new design classic that takes inspiration from the natural world and embodies it in a beautifully engineered piece of industrial design. Artize Tailwater is now available in over 40 countries around the world.

Claudia Danelon, Co-Founder, Danelon Meroni commented, “We are elated to receive the significant Red Dot award for Tail Water. We always wanted to create something unique for Artize, which inspired us to explore the abstract image of a bird, perched on the edge of a pool emerged. ‘Tailwater’ expresses how technological know-how and inspiration from the natural world can be embodied in a beautifully engineered piece of industrial design.”

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