Jaquar Group introduces Wellness Gemini Spa

Jaquar Group, the leader in bath fittings category has come up with its designer wellness product- Gemini Spa. Gemini being a compact luxury spa, comprises of stainless steel jets, water features, and a fantastic lighting package. It uses a 2-speed pump and Gecko control system. The pump operates on low speed when in heating and filtering modes and switches to high speed when in massage mode.

The spa consists of target jets and give a precise massage that stimulates specific muscles. The jets may be positioned on the floor of the Spa for a gentle massage of the feet, ankles, knees and thighs. Comfort jets are enclosed to send out a flow whose direction and intensity can be adjusted. Rotating Jets enables a stationary or rotary flow i.e., the flow of water can be adjusted by turning the outer ring. Random Pulse Jets enables unique and random pulsating massage. Airpool jets help in generate thousands of pure air bubbles to caress the body whereas Pulse Target Jets enables a pulsating and rotary massage through special nozzles. Showcasing the fibreglass base, the gemini spa holds underwater LED light feature along with features like backlit drink holders, and chromo cascade grab bar.

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