Japanese Craftsmanship gets an update in these LED patterned tiles

Japanese designer, Michiru Tanaka has released a new product partnering with lighting manufacturer Kaneka to create a stainless steel tile that doubles as both an LED and a mirror. Coined “Kumiko”, the tiles come from a fusion of inspirations, derived from traditional Japanese architecture to Manhattan’s gridded cityscape.

Kaneka has developed a series of ultra thin LED panels using “OLED” technology. The panels’ innovative technology means they can provide up to 50,000 hours of light – around 10,000 hours longer than standard LED’s.

The diffused light that the panels create, eliminates any harsh shadows and can create an atmospheric and soft interior glow when installed in different settings. The light emitted can also reveal a wider spectrum of colors as compared to a natural light source.

The “Kumiko” tiles are made from reflective steel components forming different designs and are derived from the ancient Japanese woodworking technique of assembling different pieces together without nails, creating unique patterns.

(Courtesy: archdaily.com)

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