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Urja Counselling Centre, Surat, NCR, ADDA Architects

Design for Urja clinic is conceptualised, where human emotions, reactions, and postures play an elementary role. Emphasising on sensitivity, the space is design with homely atmosphere, avoiding the monotonous clinic environment.

The concept for the design and planning of the centre revolves around the thought of mental health problems, where transparent, barrier free spaces push forward open-ended conversations between the patient and the doctor.

Inside the clinic, a blended colour scheme of both warm and cool colour palette is applied at different places, considering the human psychology and its effects.

The reception area, bestows a sense of stability, purity, and comfort through simple white textured walls and ceiling, and also with an addition of a front-lit upholstered wall graphic. The waiting lounge and reception are separated a quirky frosted glass partition showcasing various day to day human activities. The glass partition is spread all over the central space.

The doctor’s cabin greets one with a pool of colours splashed over muted white canvas with cool teal colour highlighted through the arch framing across the doctors chair. This semi partition segregates the doctor’s book shelf from the visiting area. The back also gives the visitor a skyline view of the city, calming the upheaval in one’s mind.

ADDA Architects ADDA is a team of individuals with distinct ideologies coming together. Their strength lies in the ability to conceive master planning, architecture, interior and landscape design with strong conceptual unity and clarity. Established in 2011, the team of three started doing projects with limited opportunities at hand, gradually growing into a larger team structure. Developing innovative design solutions that are contextual, creating spaces that focus on the experiential value and experimenting with material aspects of a project while still contributing to sustainability, form the firm’s design philosophy. Having a niche in innovative space design with years of delivering luxurious and high-end projects, team ADDA aspires to work on much larger projects pan India, focusing their design style inclining on a vision more towards green buildings.

On the other hand, the balcony is approached through an arched door, clad with bricks exhibiting a reflex of stability and persistence, making the patient develop a comforting faith in the doctor. The balcony is sufficed with turfs and pots, adding to the garden-like setting, conceiving the feeling of tenderness, warmth and emotional strength.

The waiting lounge too is converted into a huge discussion space, formulated by opening the collapsible frosted shutters and allowing for a voluminous arrangement with options of open or private compositions.

Small design elements are customised and incorporated in nooks and corners of the clinic. For instance, décor group of musician figurines perched upon the ledge sculpted from brass, various abstract laser-cut wooden frames, depicting the complex working of the brain, aid to the counselling sessions.

fact file:
Project Name Urja Counselling Centre
Location Surat
Architecture Firm ADDA Architects
Design Team Kaushal Laheri, Jaini Laheri, Piyush Jariwala, Raj Modi
Area 600 sq ft
Completion Date 15.06.2017
Photographer Thefishyproject

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