India has uniquely poised for rapid urbanisation leveraging data analytics and digitisation: Amitabh Kant

(Image: Scheinder Electric)

Delivering the keynote at the Global Innovation Summit by Schneider Electric in Delhi, Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog said that India is uniquely poised for rapid transformation on the back of digitisation and big data in the coming decades.  He said that unlike in developed world like the U.S., Europe, and also in China, where data is owned by private entities, in India the data is owned by the government in the form of Aadhaar, which would allow the country to innovate faster and create unique urbanisation model.

India has a wealth of advantages as it is the only country with a billion mobile phones, a billion bank accounts and an equal number of biometrics which would make data analytics much quicker to bring rapid changes in the life of the people, he said. He said that since the data is owned by the government, the private sector will be able to leverage it and build innovative solutions around it. Talking about the rapid urbanisation that is happening in the country, Kant said that India is the only country today which is talking about mega infrastructure corridors, bullet trains, 100 smart cities, etc. However, he said that India cannot follow the models of urbanisation that countries like the U.S. followed, as it would require “four planet earths”. America urbanised when land, gas, water, etc., were available pretty cheap. Therefore, India has to innovate and create a unique model which is sustainable, he added. “We cannot repeat the mistakes committed by the Western world. The learnings should come from the East like Singapore, Japan, etc.,” he stated. He said it is vital to bring convergence between the digital and physical to bring transformative changes in India.

Anil Chaudhry, Country President and Managing Director, Schneider Electric -India, said that the Innovation Summit of Schneider Electric is happening in India when the country is poised for a big transformation into a digital economy. He said that integration of Digitisation, Electrification and Urbanisation are fundamental enablers for India’s transformation.  Schneider Electric is fully committed to be part of India’s transformation and make New India Energy Positive.

Over 1000 Schneider Electric customers from across India and the Asia Pacific region are attending the two-day summit.  The event will feature strategic discussions and interactive deep-dive expert learning sessions with a diverse group of customers and partners, designed to further accelerate digital solutions to make New India Energy Positive.

Schneider Electric is showcasing an Innovation Hub, a showcase of the company’s rich portfolio of software, solutions and services as part of the summit. The integrated zone will showcase its next-generation ‘EcoStruxure’  architecture and platform that delivers IoT-enabled open and inter-operable solutions across user segments.

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