INAX sets out for global expansion at Milan Design Week

LIXIL Group Corporation (LIXIL), maker of pioneering water and housing products, has unveiled two new INAX bathroom collections for the global market at Milan Design Week 2019.

Now, for the first time, LIXIL will give the world a preview of INAX’s global brand and design concept as it unveils its new products before they enter production. The special exhibition invites visitors to experience first-hand the product designs reflecting INAX’s design values and signature elements, which convey Japanese aesthetics in a contemporary style. These are represented in the new S600 LINE and S400 LINE bathroom collections, eight variations of INAX’s CERAFINE ultra-thin wash basins, which were inspired by Japan’s waterscapes and created specifically for the exhibition, a tile lounge that displays the variety of colors and textures of tiles, along with three inspirational brand movies showcased throughout the installation at the SuperStudio venue between April 8-14, 2019. The event space offers an immersive introduction to the world of INAX, through a number of exhibits spanning the origins of the brand to its most recent concepts, including three short films, which present INAX’s unique approach to design, Japan’s Rituals of Water, and how it transforms everyday life.

“We wanted to create a new bathroom experience that embodies Japan and what it stands for; its culture, traditions, and the everyday rituals of water we go through to purify and transform ourselves. We are excited to now show the world the brand concept of INAX, the look and feel of its designs, and the technology within that enables people to live healthily and comfortably. We invite you to come to see INAX at our exhibition in the heart of Milan,”

Yasuhiro Shirai, Japan Design Officer, LIXIL Water Technology.

See Japan’s Rituals of Water come to life in INAX’s new line of designs. The exhibition will include displays of INAX’s new bathroom designs and upcoming product lines, from baths to toilets, wash basins, faucets and decorative yet functional tiles. In addition, INAX will also showcase a range of ceramics, including an elegant blue and white pottery toilet from the Meiji era (1868 – 1912) and artistic tiles.

S600 LINE – Japanese Spatial Aesthetics: Changing Bathrooms Around the World

INAX developed the S600 LINE, inspired by Japanese living spaces, which balance the traditional Japanese approach to utilising space with modern sensitivities. A bathroom arranged with beautiful objects can positively influence the way one feels, offering a deeper level of relaxation, vitality, and a feeling of confidence. INAX has perfected the Japanese use of spatial design to bring beauty and new value to the modern bathroom.

S400 LINE – Spaces Offering an Interplay of Light, Shadows, and Straight Lines

Rays of light penetrating small windows cast shadows on the floor, walls, and products, which can evoke a sense of serenity and relaxation, causing an unblemished and thoroughly elegant space. Such an atmosphere cannot be created with a single product alone. It’s only possible through careful attention to detail, in designing the light, the architecture, and products, including tiles and toilets, in their totality. This is the value that the S400 LINE by INAX offers to your bathroom space.

LIXIL aims to launch the new INAX collections in Australia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, New Zealand, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and other markets starting May 2019.

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