iDogi Group announces second edition of international design award


Every year, the iDogi Group—a design firm widely known for its luxurious and decorative chandeliers and tables—holds a competition that honours interior design and architecture firms specialising in classical and contemporary design.

Recognising the beauty of diversity, this award aims to foster connectivity between traditionalism, evolution and timelessness in the field of design.

iDogi Award aims to reward projects completed between January 2013 and June 2017. With registration ending on September 15, the competition expects participants to submit their projects by October 20.

The award ceremony will be hosted on November 16, 2017 in Venice, inviting all finalists for the announcement and consequent celebrations. On the day following the award ceremony, the participants will attend the 57th Venice Biennale Exhibition.


This award consists of a variety of categories—residential, hospitality & restaurants, yachts & planes—encouraging participation on an international level.


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