‘Humanscale Ergonomic Experience Center’ in Nagpur, the first in India

Humanscale, the pioneer and leader in office ergonomics, today announced the opening of the ‘Humanscale Ergonomic Experience Centre’ in Nagpur, the first in India. Set up in association with its retail and project dealer partner Ergomix. Nagpur and will cater to the increasing demand for Humanscale’s sustainable and innovative range of office ergonomic products like chairs, keyboard systems , monitor arms, LED lights and height-adjustable tables.

The Center would also showcase the globally renowned ‘Freedom Chair’, the gold standard in office seating, with a starting price of INR 1 lakh. ‘Freedom Chair’ created by renowned ergonomics designer Niels Diffrient. Designer Diffrient aimed to design an office chair that automatically adapts to the user, allowing them to move freely from posture to posture. Diffrient’s unique approach removed complexities found in other chairs, such as cumbersome recline levers and back tension dials for a truly ergonomic task chair. As a result, he developed a recline mechanism that perfectly adjusts to the user, definitively reinventing modern task seating to be truly simple, functional and beautiful.

“Nagpur is poised to be the next growth powerhouse of India as per recent reports. We are extremely pleased to open this Ergonomic Experience Centre in Nagpur, the first in India, as we see a lot of potential for our products here given that both the Centre and State have in recent times been promoting the city as a major investment hub.” said Alastair Stubbs, Country Manager India, Humanscale.

“Engaging key stakeholders (especially Architects, Designers, Building Project Managers, Facilities Managers ,IT Managers, Corporate Heads etc.) is a critical first step in the development of an ergonomics program. It is important to elevate awareness of ergonomic concerns and understand what the common physical problems are in today’s modern office. The Humanscale Ergonomic Experience Centre will help the visitor have a firsthand experience on how one can enhance efficiency and improve the quality of work life and health at the workplace.” added  Stubbs.

The showroom also features Humanscale’s latest products which will continue the company’s legacy as a leader in innovative, award-winning, user-focused design and mostly will include the chairs: Freedom Headrest, Freedom Task, Liberty Chair, Diffrient Smart Chair, Diffrient World Chair,Trea and Ballo stool. Also on display would be Monitor arms, articulating Keyboard systems, Horizon&Element Disc LED task lights, Float & QuickStand height adjustable workstation and M/Connect the first-ever monitor arm dock that integrates ergonomics and technology.

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