HIKVISION launches multi-touch interactive screen

Hikvision, has launched its most sophisticated Multi-touch Interactive Screen (MTIS) for the Indian market. The MTIS is used as an intelligent teaching tool , integrated with the latest touch technology, high definition display technology video processing technology, computer technology, network communication technology, intelligent interactive control system and audio control system. With rich teaching resources, it can be used in kindergartens, primary and secondary school teaching class remote learning, training centers and other occasions.

Commentating on the launch if MTIS, Ashish P Dhakan, Managing Director & CEO, Prama Hikvision ( India ) Pvt. Ltd said, “We are proud to launch this revolutionary and the most essential teaching tool which makes both teaching and learning less tiresome and more interesting . This comes as a real boon not only to our schools but also to training centers and remote learning. I am sure of its positive impact on the academic and training institutions in India.”

Multi-functionalities The MTIS software can function in multimode enabling lesson preparation, desktop annotation, e-book sync teaching and is capable of switching from each mode. The rich auxiliary teaching tool supports mask, roaming, screenshots, graphics, graphics recognition, handwriting recognition, text input, video playback, perspective tools, pie chart / histogram, a key table drawing, screen recording and video booth. It contains more than 40 themes of resources such as Math, Physics, Biology, Music, Geography, Information technology, Sports and other images and multimedia resources.

With Its ‘Writing Erase Function’, the users are free to write or annotate seven or more writing pen styles. They are free to adjust the handwriting thickness and color. Also, it supports gesture erase enabling blackboard rub to be changed with the size of the gesture area.

Highly compatible, it supports directly open or insert the page and other mode to import or export Word, PPT, Excel and other format documents. It can edit the second save, also embedded in the page with WEB site to browse.

The software provides discipline tools such as Language, Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry, to realize the application of multiple tools, such as stroke simulation, triangular plate, compass, periodic table of Chinese and English, chemical experiment instrument. It can extend the TV, computer and other input signals to the teaching platform. Besides, it is screen-screen interactive and is capable of centralized management and multichannel annotation.

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