Hanging Gardens of Birmingham: Architects design tower concepts with oasis-like terraces

(Image: Architects of Invention)

Birmingham could have its own mythical-like garden tower if new designs drawn up by a British architect firm materialise.

The Garden Hill designs are composed of two 25-storey wooden residential towers. Architects say it offers residents an ‘oasis-like residence’ to get away from the concrete jungle. London-based firm Architects of Invention drew up the designs for Digbeth in Birmingham which would house 500 residences and would be made entirely of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

The green designs include shared and private garden terraces at every level with a spacious roof garden to top it all off. The flats would also have unusual shared facilities including recording studios and spaces to rent for start-ups.

“The shape of the building means that light is maximised – for the residents and for their neighbours,”  lead architect Niko Japaridze told MailOnline. “It also means that the garden plants will thrive – so Garden Hill can be green year-round,”  he said.

The towers would be very environmentally-friendly and both electricity and water would be supplied by solar panels. Architects would also use passive ventilation and high quality insulation to reduce energy waste. “Garden Hill acts like a wonder – a tall monument of green leafiness, rising from the city’s fabric,” said Japaridze.

“It is a significantly more environmentally friendly building material than steel or concrete, the most thermo-efficient also, and involves a very quick construction period,” he said.

“The  25-storey staggered towers, hung with gardens on every level, give all occupants and visitors access to private and shared terraces and a spacious rooftop garden,” the designers said in a release.

The practice is currently having pre-application discussions with Birmingham city council.

(Source: www.dailymail.co.uk)

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