H & R Johnson, has recently launched their Hexagon Series


Johnson Endura presents fully vitrified surface covering options for floors and walls in the form of a regular Hexagon, the Endura Hexa Series.

Diorite Hex
Edison for terrace, balcony, outdoor

These pieces of Endura are equivalent to hand-made tiles. Inspired from the nature, every tile is unique. Some amount of variation in tonality and design is intended in this series. Also, like hand-made tiles, minute and manageable amount of dimensional variation along with the technically much needed inter-tile gap in laying, necessitates 4-6 mm gap using spacers and suitable grouting material. The collection has hexagonal tiles with value propositions:

  • Frost free.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • In the most efficient size format.
  • Fully vitrified with high Flexural and breaking strength.
  • Very high scratch resistance suiting to commercial and high foot-fall floor areas.
  • Range of themes which include earthen shades, stones and wood along with multiple options to accentuate the surface with unique designs and color combinations.
  • Possibilities to create eclectic combination by mixing compatible or contrasting options.

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