GRAFF unveils CAMDEN collection

GRAFF, a manufacturer of faucets and shower systems, presents CAMDEN, the collection of faucets and accessories under the name of GRAFF tradition. A strong hallmark of the CAMDEN collection is the silhouette: the form of the faucet body recalls the shapes of chess figures. The object is not made from a forged brass bar, but rather a solid brass block, internally emptied. With this, the spout of the faucet is more full-bodied. The CAMDEN handle is available in two variants: the classic “cross” or the “lever” handle, both functional and practical in everyday use. Produced in brass with a very low nickel and lead content, guaranteeing a long service life, the whole collection can be viewed at

Designed by GRAFF’s G+ Design Studio, the collection’s style is transitional and unique, allowing it to fit into both traditional and contemporary settings. Blending Victorian and Edwardian aesthetic sensibilities with modern principles and technologies, each fixture exhibits an artistic quality. In designing this collection, an emphasis was placed on the shower area. A combination of the signature cross and lever handles may be used with the wall-mounted shower plates. All thermostatic units are compatible with the M-Series, the new modular GRAFF concealed system that combines diverters and cut-off valves, to meet all application needs. When using a diverter, it is possible to choose one output at a time, while with the cut-off valves, it is always possible to operate an output simultaneously and independently from those controlled by diverters or other cut-off valves (i.e.: the bathtub shower head or spout can be operated at the same time as the side showers or the hand shower). The installation can be carried out with great flexibility and is therefore customisable. The components stack on top of each other, almost like Lego bricks, creating a monobloc that always sets the handles at the same distance and allows an endless series of combinations. The M-Series is a tailor-made system that makes it possible to arrange the shower commands as preferred, both vertically and horizontally.

Price: On request

Availability: GRAFF, India

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