GRAFF presents PHASE, the timeless creation for the bathroom

GRAFF, the worldwide manufacturer of innovative faucets, introduces a timeless creation for the bathroom. The PHASE collection offers a very wide range of articles both for the bathroom and the shower areas. There are six different washbasin mixers both in the single hole and in the 3 hole version, with deck-mounted, wall-mounted and floor-mounted installations, together with several elements for the bathtub and the shower, with and without concealed parts. Like all other GRAFF series, the collection’s wall-mounted shower elements are suited to the M-series concealed valves. M-series is a modular system that makes it possible to combine diverters and cut-off valves in order to satisfy all application necessities and to control up to 7 outlets with only 4 handles. The assortment is available in the polished chrome (PC), brushed nickel (BNi), black (BK) and white (WT).

The PHASE collection’s clean and simple shape gives tribute to the perfect union between elegance and precision. The beveled edges on the handle and spout are characteristics embodied in all elements of the collection. The materials, details, construction, finishes and production process are the fundament of the superior quality of this series. PHASE makes it easy to create a cohesive design in the bathroom with a wide offering of matched accessories. From towel bars and tissue holders to soap accessories and grab bars, each product is made to create a sleek sophistication in the bath.

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