GRAFF® Launches New Ceiling Mounted Showerheads

GRAFF ceiling mounted showerhead with LED and rain

GRAFF®, manufacturer of contemporary precision-engineered kitchen and bath products, has revealed the design of its latest collection, Ceiling Mounted Showerheads. Developed in stainless steel to guarantee a long-lasting, high-performing life, GRAFF’s ceiling mounted showerheads feature a minimal design. As part of GRAFF’s widely complete shower programme, the new showerheads are available in a rectangular, square and circular shape and include both rain and mist functions for a fulfilling spa experience.

The collection aims to create a relaxing atmosphere while elevating the ambience with mist and light added to the natural music of water droplets.

The recessed circular shower head is available with or without mist function and is provided with a full spectrum LED chromotherapy. The LED function can be activated and regulated through the provided remote control.

With GRAFF’s latest M-series collection, it ’s now possible to own the pleasure of a luxury wellness space even in an private apartment.The modular design M-Series is different from other systems currently available on the market that provide either a thermostatic with a diverter or a thermostatic with shut-off valves. GRAFF’s M-Series is a modular concealed system that offers new solutions for the shower area along with neat and efficient installations.

The series is composed of a thermostatic unit, two diverters and a cut-off valve that can be combined into a single compact block. The new ceiling-mounted showerheads can be matched to any of the contemporary GRAFF collections and can be operated by concealed elements compatible with the M-series system.

Price: On request

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