GRAFF Launches M.E. Faucet Collection

GRAFF launches M.E. Faucet Collection, developed in brass, featuring extremely low nickel and lead content. Along with the beauty, the “green” standards are marked well in place as the product complies with the most restrictive drinking water regulations and the criteria required for the protection of health and the environment.

GRAFF’s M.E. widely successful collection is now been expanded to meet the demands of a refined clientele looking for a linear and glamorous style. The latest M.E. collection aims to enhance the bathroom space with a touch of contemporary design and the performance characteristic of all GRAFF faucets. Appreciate the new cross handle now available for most bathroom elements, with additional 12 finishes.

The M.E. collection is now available in more than 16 precious finishes, including the elegant and extremely long-lasting Or’osa PDV and the Matt Black, a charming version of the Architectural Black powder coating finish.

The brand has selected powder coating for the products as it offers a specific durability and protection rarely found elsewhere. The powder coated products are more durable and environmentally friendly when compared to other finishes. In addition to the beautiful materic finishing, the powder-coating treatment also reduces the risk of scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion and other wear problems.

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Availability: GRAFF India, e

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