GRAFF introduces Sento’s New Levers and Finishes Designs

GRAFF’s successful collection Sento is now available with two new levers and a total of 19 finishes. Originally designed by Daniele Ruzza and Silvana Angeletti, the collection embodies the characteristics of synthesis, by reducing ornamentation, and leaving space to a sturdy visual impact.

Sento’s newest additions are available in 2 new variants of the initial creation: one with slim lines running down the lever and the second choice with decreasing edges on the highest part of the lever. The two levers are solid and light at the same time as a result of their intelligent design; the spout was crafted to permit water to emanate centrally whereas the slim angles offer the tap a sense of openness. They have a clean and minimalist style and hassle-free operations.

The new levers are available with all the series items: from several washbasin models to bathtub and shower elements, for wall-mounted, deck -mounted and floor-mounted solutions. The collection also includes a wide range of precious accessories for the bathroom and shower area both practical and aesthetically pleasing. All articles are available in an astonishing range of 19 finishes, including the newest Gunmetal Distressed and OR’osa PVD finishes.

The sophisticated look of Gunmetal Distressed emulates a hammered, stone surface with a warm dark grey tone both contemporary and stylish. The finish is obtained through a galvanic plating process, completed with an industrial waxing procedure. This soft-waxed look can be maintained by sporadical application of wax manually.

OR’osa™ PVD is distinguished by its rose gold saturation and glossy surface, enhancing fixtures with a luxurious radiance. This finish features an innovative surface coating process (Physical Vapor Deposition), which allows it to obtain a very high level of surface hardness, further an unmatched resistance to atmospherical agents and house detergents.

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Availability: GRAFF India,

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