GRAFF adds two Finishes to its portfolio

GRAFF, has added two new finishes i.e. Brushed Onyx and Brushed OR’Osa complementing the existing product portfolio of bath and kitchen. With a distinctive metallic look, Brushed Onyx is a contemporary finish with a refined texture and an industrial feel. Whereas, the Brushed Or’osa comes with a tone of copper colour. Brushed Or’osa’s texture fits industrial spaces as well as modern luxurious bathroom environments. The whole collection can be viewed on

Both new finishes are obtained through a PVD process. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is an innovative surface coating process which allows obtaining a very high level of surface hardness, as well as unparalleled resistance to atmospheric agents and house detergents.

The essence of GRAFF is visible in each design solution: Deliberate use of stark elegant contrasts with the latest finishes Brushed Onyx and Brushed OR’Osa, creates distinct aesthetics.

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