GM introduces a new product line ‘GM Fans’

GM Elektra, an appliance division of GM Modular, introduces GM Fans which are not only well-designed but are also energy efficient. GM unveiled its wide range of Fans early this summer.

At GM, the fans are designed with a focus on efficiency. Ceiling fans reduce considerable energy consumption and cost lesser than ever before.  The fans at GM are striking, dynamic and an ideal mix of structure and usefulness with higher vitality, productivity, lesser power use and smoother wind current.

The cutting edges of the blades are carefully intended to give fast and an ideal wind stream. The engine performs very well. The swift sweeps create a refreshing, new environment. The fans are available in aesthetic finishes and colours to suit individual preferences.

GM ceiling fans have a unique component added as a safety measure to suspended fans range called the Safety Screw. The safety screw is a distinctive feature that gives the fan support and safeguards it from collapsing. GM fans also have extra supplementary copper added to the motors that are more than the existing industry standards. Most electronic components generate heat that can cause them to fail prematurely. Copper’s thermal conductivity helps evade heating more quickly. The unique closed type self-lubricating ball bearings help reduce friction and are less prone to wear and tear that can operate in any orientation and at higher temperatures.

With its reputation of good design and innovation with switches, home automation and LED lighting, the aero-dynamically designed GM fans range are ready to be a part of consumer homes.

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