Frazer and Haws launches Silver Surahis

Lotus Beaker And Glass set

Frazer and Haws introduces range of Silver Surahis. These Surahis are adorned with flowery designs that have been fabricated utilising 95% Pure Silver.

No micro-organism ever tested has been able to stay alive when kept in pure silver.  Silver destroys the tiny microbes found even in mineral water. Silver vessels sterilise drinking water by releasing charged ions. Pure silver has the capacity to kill over 650 types of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Food eaten in Silver cuts away the bacteria, viruses and molds that creep in due to undercooking or spoilage.

Sunflower Beaker And Glass set
Rice Hammered Glass

People suffering from digestive problems and diseases of the urinary system find considerable benefit after drinking silver charged water, since silver is a natural antibiotic and preservative. Silver bolsters the immune system of the body. Silver vessels are used to feed babies for their first meals during the ceremony of ‘anna-prasna’ to keep their digestive Systems protected from microbes and bacteria.

Silver Surahis from Frazer and Haws come with a touch of traditional yet exclusive designs.

Price: Rs 15,000 upwards


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