Franke launches Mythos Fusion sink

Mythos Fusion SinkFranke launches Mythos Fusion Sinks which is an exclusive combination that only Franke can offer. The purity of steel meets the warmth of Fragranite for the very first time, bringing a unique and distinctive sink to life. Three elegant steel details fuse perfectly with Fragranite, making the dream of combining different materials and colours a reality.  

Following extensive testing and development, new Fragranite tackles the humble cleaning problem associated with composite sinks. The revolutionary new Fragranite+ technology is now available on all Franke  Fragranite and Silk Sheen Fragranite sinks, which now enjoy ultra-smooth surfaces that are exceptionally easy to keep clean.

Kitchens can be a critical location for spreading bacteria and demand special attention to hygiene. On unprotected material, bacteria can multiply every 20 minutes and have a negative effect on hygiene. The integrated Sanitized® hygiene function in Fragranite sinks helps to keep this area clean and provides the sink with lasting protection. It does not replace normal cleaning but helps to keep surfaces free from bacteria. Tests have proven that Fragranite treated with Sanitized® reduces bacteria and microbe growth by 99%. 

The granite particles bonded together during manufacture are now smaller, creating a smoother, flatter surface, reducing the chances for limescale to build up. It is also far more difficult for residue, food particles and bacteria to accumulate in between the granules, which greatly improves hygiene. Tested against leading competitors, DuraKleen® Plus comes up trumps on stain resistance. Even after being left to sit on the sink for 18 hours, the toughest stains like beetroot, permanent marker, red wine and Iodine can simply be wiped clean away.

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