Fort may get its own choreographed fountain


According to a report in DNA, the Fort area in South Mumbai may soon get a new tourist attraction with the state tourism department planning to construct a choreographed fountain system at the Horniman Circle gardens, on lines of the Dubai fountain.

“Globally, all cities have something iconic, be it the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Though we cannot create something of that scale, we can at least build a tourist attraction. We have requested the BMC to allow the construction of a dancing fountain like in Dubai. We are looking at a site where people can stop and view the show without any hindrance to the traffic,” Jaykumar Rawal, Maharashtra minister for tourism and employment guarantee scheme (EGS) stated.

The dancing fountain will be modeled on the lines of the Dubai Fountain located near the Dubai Mall and shows will be held in the evening. This fountain can shoot water up to 140 meters accompanied by choreographed lights and music.

Rawal said they were also considering a tree top walk in Mumbai on the lines of the one in Germany. Similarly, elevated sites on the coast, like at Malabar Hill, are being considered for the project which will consist of a transparent glass sky walk to offer a panoramic view of the sea.


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