Fontanot launches a new range of staircases in association with P3 Architectural Solutions

Fontanot Italy launches a new range of Staircases. In India, Fontanot has tied up with P3 Architectural Solutions for their exclusive distribution. Fontanot’s stair range currently represents the most qualified and complete expression of spiral and winder stairs on the market. The company’s products are into indoor and outdoor staircases and which is easy to assemble.

Roopesh Gupta, Managing Director, P3 Architectural Solutions stated, “Innovative designs and customisation has been the major focus for the brand, Fontanot. This Italian based brand has 70 years of research and study on the product, the scale and its functional features which has led to a production of highly configurable staircases, made in a variety of materials capable of meeting any requirements.”

list of staircases: 

  • Genius T050A 300Modular staircase with a solid steel structure that integrates perfectly with the elegance and naturalness of the solid beech wood steps
  • Genius T070This made to measure staircase has a solid steel structure that gives a cool contemporary look to any home.
  • Genius 100 skinThe spiral staircase with 100 Skin railing: innovative plastic fabric railing able to modify the canons of the living space. The 100 Skin railing is made up of balusters with a circular section 27 mm in diameter, covered with a cloth with plastic fabric. The handrail is in PVC with an aluminum core.
  • Kloe staircaseThe Kloè spiral staircase is made by combining the colors of the steel with the steps in solid beech and with the handrail in PVC with wood effect, to create a product that is easy to assemble. The handrail, in PVC with an aluminum core, is combined with the color of the step. 
  • Lafont Fascia R 090Thestairs ramp LaFont range are characterized by a double side structure in painted steel or stainless steel. 
    The 090 railing is composed of panels in laminated glass with edges with a flat polished edge reworked after the coupling and fixed laterally to the structure.
  • Oxa R090The Oxa Air R ramp staircases are characterized by side strips with recessed steps on one side. The railingsare available in different versions and materials: columns in painted steel, in satin-finish AISI 304 stainless steel, in cast iron with decoration, clear or extra-clear glass panels; horizontal stainless steel elements. The wooden parts , bands, steps and handrail, are in solid beech or ash. The balustrade is made with the same elements of the railing and on request it is possible to have the sub-fence.
  • Techne T 100 SkinFontanot’s Techne Skin introduces a surprising and seductive design to home furnishings: the first technopolymer spiral staircase , as strong as it is light, reinforced with fiberglass, and the sinuous shapes of the 100 Skin railing covered in high-tech plastic 
  • Twist spiral staircaseThe Twist staircase consists of curved lateral structures in steel or stainless steel. The railing is characterized by uprights in double plate in painted steel and 4 longitudinal rods parallel to the handrail in satin AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Unique T100The Unique spiral staircase is an interior staircase that combines modern style with classic lines. It is designed to adapt well to both rustic and contemporary design environments.

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  1. We need to install FONTANOT spiral staircase in our residence at Bhilai. As I learn that Fontanot has tied up with P3 for sale of its product in India so advise us as to how should approach.

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