Filtering the impurities with Nextronics

Nextronics has launched their new Nextronics PB700 Plasmawave Air Purifier to clean the polluted air of homes and improve the indoor air quality.

Fresh, clean air. One needs it, but the environment doesn’t always provide it.

Too many people have suffered long enough with sinus problems, allergies, or headaches due to pollutants in the air, it’s time for an air purifier. One can go up to three weeks without eating. They can survive three to four days, on average, without fluids. But it only takes six minutes without air to damage the delicate brain, and survival beyond that is unlikely. The air one breathes is the most pressing life necessity, so why not take as many breaths as possible of pure, clean air?

A good air purifier removes allergens, dust, gases, and other pollutants from the room air, leaving behind clean air for the lung’s benefit. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside homes can be even dirtier. Common pollutants inside a home can include moulds and fungi spores, bacteria and viruses, pollen, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs emitted from carpeting, paint, and other construction materials), dust and pet dander, and fumes from air fresheners and other cleaning supplies.

The Nextronics PB700 Plasmawave Air Purifier cleans the air efficiently. It has 8 stages and five levels of filtration:

  1. a pre-filter that captures the largest particles,
  2. a HEPA filter with filtration size 0.02 microns that catch up to 99.97% of tiny particles
  3. an activated carbon and Zeolite filter that grabs onto smoke, gases, odours, and other air pollutants,
  4. Photocatalyst filter, Use Nano TIO2 as representative materials, has a photo-catalytic function, under the role of UV light, it will have a strong catalytic degradation.
  5. UV light, effective sterilisation, Effectively kill a variety of common bacteria and viruses, inhibit the production of bacteria and viruses.
  6. PlasmaWave Technology safely breaks apart odours, allergens, chemical vapours, and other pollutants at the molecular level, without causing harmful ozone. PlasmaWave creates positive and negative ions that combine with natural water vapour to form hydroxyls, which cleans the indoor air. The remote control has on/off for the PlasmaWave feature

The air purifier has laser particle sensor technology to check your room air’s quality. The device will automatically kick into high gear when excessive indoor pollution is detected, and once air quality in the acceptable level, it switches the fan on low power mode to conserve energy and display real AQI Air Quality Index in DIGITAL display. It’s super energy-efficient, as well, using no more electricity than a Led bulb.

The Nextronics air purifier is praised not only its superior performance but also its reasonable price both at initial purchase and over the years as filters need replacement.

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