Famous Studio in Mumbai to host FAB Biennale 2018


Mumbai is the host city for FAB Biennale, 2018-2019, India’s first architecture biennale for innovators from the field of design and architecture at Famous Studios, Mahalaxmi on December 1 & 2, 2018. A first of its kind knowledge sharing platform, the FAB Biennale themed ‘OPEN’ will commission knowledgeable sessions, at its inaugural conference, led by globally renowned architects and designers like Mick Timpson, Kate Ascher, Allison Dring, Michael Hansmeyer and Neil Leach who have established compelling and disruptive designs globally. The Biennale will also host a series of workshops titled Studio 2.0, conducted at multiple venues like School of Environment and Architecture (SEA) at Borivali and Indian School of Design & Innovation (ISDI) at Lower Parel which will be based on topics like Architectural Design using Virtual Reality, Future of Design and Empowering the Inner Architect.

FAB Biennale 2018-19 will present talks, installations, exhibitions, papers and films, which do not refer to some fantastic delusional frontier but which take their cues from the present to deviate in response, and which will stir the unknown.

The endeavour is to create a narrative that is open ended. At the biennale that is meant to celebrate “Open”, all viewpoints will be held valid. It begins with a two-day inaugural conference titled, OPEN. In a formal, yet participatory environment, it will bring together some of the industry’s global thought leaders to talk and share their work in the disruptive design space as the way forward into the future.

Workshops titled, Studio 2.0 will explore and expose how constantly changing technology can impact design and construction for the future. The workshops will be conducted by experts from the world over and will cover a dynamic mix of topics that finds immense relevance in the current conversation.

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