Faber launches Italian hoods

Faber hoods open up new scenarios, bring functionality and well-being to the kitchen and create a more pleasant, relaxed air throughout the home.


  • Brushless – The Brushless motor guarantees considerable energy saving coupled with high extraction efficacy. It is the most silent motors on the market & its performance remains stable in any usage condition.
  • Energy Diffuser – It reduces noise up to 3dB (A) and higher hood efficiency by 30% even in the presence of long air outlet.
  • Anti touch – Special anti- fingerprint steel for a perfectly clean hood and a steel surface free of annoying marks.
  • Boost – Faber introduced Boost suction some time ago. Now we bring you the Double Boost! This additional increase in power gives your hood a total of 5 suction speeds. Double boost has the power to eliminate even the most persistence steam & odors in just a few minutes.
  • Intensive Speed – Function which activates maximum aspiration for 6 minutes to meet special cooking needs.
  • Hour 24 – Key 24 hour function which allows the hood to be switched on for 24 hours a day for continuous air renewable with a level of noise that is imperceptible.
  • Water proof – Any liquid spilled during cooking flows directly into the section grille and is directly collected in an automatic drained tray under the hood, small enough to leave the space for a utensil drawer.
  • Rear Outlet – The rear air outlet available with many Faber hood allows fumes to be channeled to the rear instead of upwards. This eliminates the need for an upper duct, freeing up useful space above the hood.
  • Comfort Light – Courtesy light reduced hood light intensity with the simple press of a button. Thanks to its low level of energy consumption, the courtesy light can be left on for a long period of time.
  • Double Aspiration – Double extraction is derived from the overlapping of two glasses in vertical hoods, ensuring greater hood effectiveness.
  • Perimeter Aspiration – 25% less perceived noise, perimeter suction exploits the Venturi effect to accelerate the air flow through a narrow gap. The air slows down again once inside the hood for more effective extraction.
  • Filter Alarm – Filter saturation alarm warns you when it is time to clean the anti- grease filter or substitute the anti-odor filter.
  • Light Dimmer – Dimmer light adjusts hoods courtesy light with the simple press of a button to meet all your kitchen needs.
  • Delay 30 – Delayed switch off allows automatic delayed switching off of the motor to complete elimination of residual odours.



  • CODE-                   33.0540.784
  • FINISH –                OLD COPPER
  • LIGHTING –          2 LED LV 3000K
  • SUCTION –            1000 M3/HR
  • WIDTH(mm) –        800



  • CODE-                  110.0456.174
  • FINISH –               OLD COPPER
  • LIGHTING –         1 Led LV 4000K
  • SUCTION –           1000 M3/HR
  • WIDTH(mm) –       700

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