Everest Industries expands its portfolio with Fibre Cement Boards

Everest Industries is incorporating international standards into its product portfolio. The innovation is Fibre Cement Boards – fastest emerging interior-exterior panel systems. In combination with different substrate frameworks like timber, steel and aluminium, Everest Industries Fibre Cement Board offers advanced dry construction solutions in both Interior and Exterior applications leveraging space utilisation to the maximum while saving maximum time.

Owing to its nature of ‘one board many applications’, Fibre Cement Boards are being considered as the newest alternative that has its own characteristics in comparison to wood and wood-based panels. Fibre cement boards can take on a variety of appearances (including wood), making it a solid choice amongst the architects and designer making it applicable for a historic home or a new build.

Fibre Cement Boards are used as an application for wall partitions, ceilings, façade, kitchen applications, doors and surface decorators.

The product offering under FCB is cladding solutions which are preferred over brick and concrete walls for enhanced aesthetics. Venturing into flooring solutions, the company introduced an easy substitute to give end-customers a high-quality mezzanine like floor finish. Addressing the concern of time-lapse in wet construction, Drywall concept was introduced. These drywalls easily puts the project on a fast track by eliminating the drying time. Furthermore, Wall Lining Solutions are used to clad brick, block and concrete walls, giving it a damp proof surface improving the thermal insulation of the area. Ceilings, today don’t just abide by their conventional roles, false ceilings are multipurpose in nature, reflecting light and heat which provides holistic construction.

Everest’s range of Fibre Cement Boards is manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of Portland cement, treated cellulose fibres, finely ground silica quartz and other selected mineral fillers in a state-of-the-art facility using a digitally controlled process making it environment-friendly in nature. The latest European technology has enabled Everest industries to manufacture a neatly packed green and innovative multipurpose cement boards. Everest has 2 state-of-the-art plants in Nashik and Roorkee.

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