Eureka Forbes launches EcoClean

Eureka Forbes a pioneer in technological innovation, introduces Ecoclean steam cleaner, a solution for all cleaning needs. Fortified with a chemical-free cleaning process with the power of steam, Ecoclean helps you to deep clean stubborn dirt and dust with 100% accuracy. Equipped with steam generation feature; Ecoclean instantly produces a powerful steam jet that eliminates viruses and bacteria.

Product Features:

Chemical-free cleaning:The power of steam, removes stubborn dirt and dust ensuring 100% clean surface. No chemical solutions are used during steam cleaning and the process is completely eco-friendly.

Multipurpose: It is designed to perform more than 10 cleaning functions. It  rubs-down showers, taps, wash basins, tiles, mirrors, lofts, skirting, etc., in the bathroom. In the kitchen, it removes nasty, tough stains on the chimney, cabinets, sinks, appliances, and shining surfaces with polish.

Instant Steam Generation: It takes less than a minute for Eco Clean to generate steam. At 3 bars of steam pressure and boiler capacity of 350 ml, it is powerfully leveraged to leave stainless and germ-less surfaces.

Complete sanitisation: Not only does Eco Clean remove every stain and dirt from the surface but it also eliminates the bacteria and viruses completely inside the home.

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