Eureka Forbes launches Dr. Aquaguard Fusion Ambient ‘N’ Cold

Eureka Forbes has introduced a new customised water purification solution – Dr. Aquaguard Fusion which gives healthy water with the benefit of instant cooling. This is an ideal water purifier for homes where everyone has different tastes, likings and requirements in terms of water temperature. Additionally, it also eliminates the hassle of refilling bottles and putting them in the refrigerator.

Powered by the advanced BiotronTM technology, Dr. Aquaguard Fusion magnetizes and de-clusters water molecules and unlocks the essential nutrients in water for better absorption. Equipped with the revolutionary patented NutriTron+TM cartridge, the purifier fortifies the water with Calcium, Magnesium, Copper and Zinc and at the same time balances the pH of water, making it healthy. These minerals enhance the taste of the drinking water by removing residual dissolved harmful gases like VOCs and also enrich the health and body functions – so that you can stay health plus always.

Product features:

1. Cold ‘N’ Ambient water on demand – Dispenses ambient and cold water as per your need

2. Nutritron+TMcartridge The Nutritron+TM cartridge of the purifier fortifies your drinking water with essential minerals (Ca, Cu, Mg & Zn) and manages the pH level, making it healthy

3. BiotronTMTechnology: The cutting edge Biotron technology magnetizes and de-clusters water molecules, there-by making the water more bio-available. By unlocking the nutrients in water, it promises you the healthiest water, always

4. Dual ProtectionAquaguard Fusion provides dual protection through advanced RO+UV technologies

5. MTDS Regulator–It ensures the purifier works with multiple sources of water upto TDS 2,000 mg/litre

6. Storage Capacity– The water purifier can store 3.1 litres of cold and ambient water



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