Ethimo Italy launches its new 2019 collection in association with P3 Architectural Solutions

Ethimo has collaborated with P3 Architectural Solutions in India for their Exclusive Distribution. For their 2019 collection, Ethimo has joined forces with global designers like Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Christophe Pillet and Luca Nichetto.

On the launch of new collection, Roopesh Gupta, MD & CEO, P3 Architectural Solutions stated, “Ethimo’s production are guided by the selection of materials and the attention to detail, to create unique elements that add an elegant, personal touch to private gardens, exclusive country hotels and sophisticated resorts. From private botanic gardens to the most fascinating and prestigious gardens in the world, Ethimo is currently present in over 40 countries and is proud to collaborate with designers of international fame for the creation of its products, and with the best interior designers for its projects, proving itself more and more as an ambassador of the most authentic class of Italian Design.”

2019 collection details:

1) Eivissa design by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

Eivissa, the Catalan name of Ibiza, is the new design of pavilions born from the design by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba studio and from Ethimo’s passion for the outdoor world. The elegant, large structure is designed to accommodate lounge or dining solutions and create an environment in which to spend pleasant moments of relaxation in the open air away from the sun and the wind. Made of aluminium with teak platform, the Eivissa structure is completed by sliding curtains and special protective panels, handcrafted, whose ‘texture’ takes inspiration from the ancient technique of bobbin-making. The pavilions can be configured in many ways through a selection of dimensions, colours, floors, roofing, interior ceilings, perimeter panels and various finishing accessories.

2) Grand Life design by Christophe Pillet

A new collection of lounge chairs destined for large and prestigious outdoor spaces. The pickled or natural teak structure with metal core is covered with large cushions that welcome the body with a feeling of deep and enveloping comfort. The weaving, inspired by the classic Vienna straw, is made of synthetic material, resistant to UV rays and abrasion. The large proportions, the soft cushions made with soft-touch fabrics and specific for outdoor use, increase the sense of comfort and well-being. It is a collection for a ‘Grand Life’ en plein air capable of transmitting tactile sensations and visual characteristics of the most elegant indoor situations.

3) Enjoy design by Ethimo Studio

Essential lines the new line of Ethimo outdoor tables. The Enjoy collection is designed to be combined with any lounge or dining chair, suitable for any specific need for private or contract use. Enjoy tables are available in five different heights and with three types of top, made of ceramic, which differ in size and colour (white, black vulcano, grey), allowing the most varied and amazing customisations. The metal conical structure, which supports the top, rests on a base that can be declined in natural or pickled teak. In this way, Enjoy can change its ‘outfit’ to integrate itself in every outdoor context, according to different needs and styles.

4) Lucerna design by Luca Nichetto

Lucerna takes its name from ancient Roman oil lamps but has a techno soul, thanks to its LED light and dual system with chargeable battery and pull-out cable, protected by a waterproof body in anodised metal, with a steel or brass look finish. It has a ring for carrying or hanging. The wonderful diffuser in clear blown glass spreads a warm glow in different hues depending on the version: smoky, anthracite, grey and amber. Lucerna is an extraordinarily versatile design object that goes beyond its primary function. Created as an outdoor lighting element, it is also perfect as a decorative article in gardens and patios, thanks to its amazing light effects.

5) Pharos design by Luca Nichetto

Pharos is an outdoor lamp inspired by the nineteenth-century lamps, in particular the Venetian ones whose characteristic is to beam the light downwards. The efficient and sustainable LED light source is reflected from the upper concave surface facing the ground. Pharos is available in two different heights (140cm and 200cm), so as to meet the lighting needs of gardens and public or private terraces. The minimalism of design, the balance of volumes and proportions and creativity with references and contaminations from the past, meet in Pharos balance and functionality.

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