Encouraging Limitless Creativity

Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, a creativity driven advertising agency, advocates design and innovation and delivers cutting edge works for their clientele.

In choosing “tree” as the central theme of the working space, Thomas Dariel drew parallels with the core corporate culture which is fast growing and never-ending creativity. Designers carefully preserved the beauty and features of the space by playing with the existing open staircase to connect all the spaces across different floors. Inspired by the scenography of branches growing out of a tree trunk, the horizontal and vertical split joint boards connect, cross, and naturally extend to different floors, composing the key visual of the office building. It also indicates the divergent creativity and imagination.

Dariel Studio is a multiaward winning interior design company founded in Shanghai in 2006 by French Designer Thomas Dariel. Since its establishment, Dariel Studio has completed over 60 projects of the highest quality in the main areas of design: hospitality, commercial and residential. Dariel Studio manages to reach originality and creativity while also performing in project management, a double focus that led the company to be recognized and honored for its ability to lead projects from concept up to execution. Dariel Studio’s tailor-made approach focusing on clients needs has allowed the company to create a large portfolio of clients – private, entrepreneurs, luxury brands and major real estate and hospitality corporations – Chinese as International. With offices in Shanghai and in Paris, Dariel Studio relies today on a team of professionals coming from various countries and backgrounds driven by the same passion for design. Since ten years, Thomas is the leading Designer and creative mind behind Dariel Studio’s signature.

The main entrance is located in the courtyard, where the wallmounted black powder-coated steel plate contrasts against the white logo, immediately catching passersby’s attention. The custom-made wooden shelving brings warmth to the metal wall. The existing upper white wall was kept to form a strong visual contrast with the black wall. The texture of the grey marble ground creates a subtle yet profound impression.Walking through the semi-transparent grilled gateway, one will immediately notice the white W+K logo, thanks to the black powder-coated steel plate reminiscent of that used at the main entrance .

The reception area on the second floor presents a totally different ambiance. The space is designed as a half-open wooden box, in which a small window behind the reception desk enable the team to communicate. The white marble desk and texture of the wood create a relaxing and enjoyable vibe.

Considering that the agency is based in the creative industry, the core working area on the second floor is developed into a fully open space to facilitate the team’s collaboration and communication. The carefully chosen wood and white colour act as a calming influence on the working environment. The corridor floors on both sides are raised to separate the public aisle from the working area.

The main meeting room is located on the right side of the main entrance, where a large scale green geometric rug blends naturally with the wood floor. The same visual is reproduced on the elegant light blue wall which breaks the traditional stuffy and tense atmosphere of the meeting room and boldly inspires the imagination. The long meeting desk mirrors the wooden compartment suspended in mid-air overhead.

If you walk to the end of the corridor you arrive at the pantry, where panoptic windows bring ample sunlight and offer an unobstructed view of the beautiful exteriors. The brick wall, built with thousands of small wood cubes, adds a subtle beauty when light is cast upon it.The gym can be defined as contemporary and fashionable. Big panoptic windows enlarge the space and create a clean and bright atmosphere. The high-end and natural texture of the wood tiles and soft lighting establishes a healthy and comfortable mood, while the bold geometric lines running through the entire space concretise the concept of sport and strength.

The marble semicircle bar counter on the rooftop epitomises luxury and quality, whilst the wood floor harmonises with the cold texture of the marble, creating a calming vibe. When night falls, LED lighting installed under the bar adds an element of romance to the already quiet and relaxed atmosphere.


fact file:
Project Name Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Office
Design company Dariel Studio
Designers Thomas Dariel, Tao, Marco Montanucci,
Hua Dan.
Project Manager Colin Cui
Location JingAn Shanghai, China
Area 2081 m2
Completion December, 2016
Photographer Derryck Menere


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