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Private Residence, Gurugram, ATPL

The owner of the private Residence in Gurugram leads a large Infrastructural firm in India. Upon moving into this plush 9750sq feet apartment residence in Gurugram, the client wanted an automation system comprising of Lighting control, motorized Shades, complete Home automation, Audio Video (A/V) systems and a security system. With prior experience of automation systems in his earlier home in Hyderabad, the brief was specific and particular about requirements.

A varied range of systems was adopted to enable home automation:

A) An efficient Lighting control system is adopted to creates the ability for the home’s lighting to be controlled all together. Convenience is the primary benefit of enabling a lighting control system in a home, but there are several other important benefits. Getting the perfect ambience with lighting becomes easier with controls. Home security systems can be enhanced by controlling the lights during an alarm situation, turning on to full brightness inside the home and flashing outside to quickly identify a troubled home for authorities. Built-in time clock capabilities allow all lighting to be automatically controlled in order to simulate occupancy while one is away, deterring potential intruders. ATPL has provided Lutron Homeworks QS System for this residence, along with the latest Palladiom keypads with custom engraving. The keypads control both lighting and shades. The Bathrooms have been equipped with occupancy sensors that detect presence and function as per requirement.

B) Complete Home Automation is adopted with all A/V devices such as Background Music, Set-top Boxes, Apple TV etc., in addition to the Lighting, Air-conditioning, Motorized shades and pretty much all electrical/electronic devices with a remote, are controlled via multiple touch screens. These are both wired and wireless, with a customized user Interface developed by ATPL through a Crestron Processor.

C) Audio Distribution and Speakers: The entire home is setup to play common music on special occasions or individual music, in private rooms as per preferences. The speakers provided by ATPL are from Sonance USA. The source for the music is a choice between stored music on a central audio server, or playing FM from a tuner or even playing music from a personal library on the Apple iPhones. Audio distribution is handled by means of the Crestron 24 X 8 multi-room Audio amplifier with an 8 zone Audio expander with an output power of 140 per channel.

D) Security system: Surveillance is provided by indoor cameras in the Car parking area, Lift lobby, wide lobby and staircase with 8 channels DVR. Access is controlled by an Ekey biometric server that provides a convenient, secure, and simple alternative to conventional access solutions.

AlokHada, Director, ATPL says, “This job was particularly satisfying, because in addition to lighting controls that we normally do in every house, we were able to fulfil a larger need for Audio Video Systems, Security systems, complete home automation with controls of pretty much everything that is controllable in the house. The client was very informed and knowledgeable and laid down a specific brief in terms of the User Interface design and the functioning of each and every key pad button – which translated into an exciting project for us”.

Anusha Technovision Pvt. Ltd (ATPL) is a technology and innovation driven company which provides customised Lighting Control and Automation Systems for commercial, residential and hospitality projects.

A one-stop for solutions in automation and lighting, they offer a complete range of services including the designing and commissioning of the automation systems, and being the interface between the contractor, architect and end user.

The Delhi office doubles up as an Experience Centre that demonstrates a Smart Home. It has a fully automated living room, a dining area and a home theatre, each equipped with the latest technology to make life more comfortable and to provide an enhanced audio/ visual experience.

Keeping sustainable buildings in mind, ATPL offers Green Technologies that include energy efficient lighting management systems for corporate offices and buildings.

Fact file
Project Name : Private Residence
Location : Gurugram
Completion Date : May 2018

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