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In Living is India’s premium retailer of finest solid wood furniture for bedroom, living, dining and outdoor spaces. Their deep understanding and love for wood is perfectly intertwined with modern technology to create consciously engineered furniture, crafted with passion and precision. It has over two decades of manufacturing experience with state-of-the-art production facilities. With wood at the heart of their existence, their products are synonymous with its virtues, enriched with timelessness, comfort and wonder. These elements combine to make products that are as true to form as they are to function and those that have been developed responsibly, using sustainable practices and a green philosophy. Ashish Gupta, Director of InLiving, is an alumnus of the prestigious Owner President Management program at the Harvard Business School, ICWA topper, with an MBA from University of Wales, United Kingdom. He took over the reins of InLiving in early 2012 with a view to build an integrated organisation with world class practices in the Solid Wood Industry. InLiving is driven by his vision of redefining living spaces with high quality and durable solid wood furniture.


Daffodil coffee table
Inspired by twisty design and geometrical shapes, showcases
mango wood top with beautiful digital prints, while the base
features metal legs that lend an industrial appeal.

Half Tone coffee table
A blend of modern and classic design, with an interesting top
that features weaved patterns using colourful cotton cords.
The clean line body of the table is crafted using mango wood
and the natural finish goes well with any decor setting.

Petal coffee table
An ode to mother nature, the patterns on the top are
achieved using cotton cords and fabric while the base is
crafted using solid mango wood. Assemble the look with a
wooden chair.

Roger coffee table
There is something with geometrical designs that goes well
with any space. Adding perfect colours through cotton cords,
the top is made of mango wood, adding warmth to the space.

Tribal Art coffee table
Featuring tribal patterns and masks, using reclaimed mango
wood and MDF. The natural finish of the table and the
colourful patterns provide a magical effect.

Wedelia coffee table
It is made of Mango wood in rectangular shape as well as in
square shape. The bright and the smooth cross stitch design
with New Zealand wool enhances the overall designing
which looks colourful yet classy.

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