Embracing the Nextronics Fingerprint lock

Understandably, few people are excited about the idea of home security, as it is not a very flashy subject. That being said, it is a necessary topic amongst families and co-workers, so much that it should be addressed swiftly. Sleeping with the comfort that those in the house are protected, as well as the possessions, is something coveted by all.

Nextronics SL300 Fingerprint locks achieve efficiency with a fair price and higher success rate than standard lock choices. Switching to fingerprint lock will eliminate worries about losing keys and going through the trouble of calling the key maker to make a duplicate.

The most obvious advantage in using a fingerprint lock is that no two fingerprints are alike. This means that only the person that coded their fingerprint would be allowed to enter. The application of this type of security can be used in several ways, including preventing home invasion and protecting valuables, among others.

Nextronics fingerprint locks allow multiple people to code their thumb or index finger, meaning that an entire family or even friends can be in the device’s database. Another reason fingerprint locks are ideal is that they are a solution that does not have to be remembered all the time. The reason why this is beneficial is that a simple press on the pad or scan of a figure, and one gains entry. Also, Nextronics Smart Lock cannot be hacked as it is not connected with any network. Opening options are Biometric Figure prints, Password, RFID Card and High Security Computerised Mechanical keys.

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