Eight new cricket stadiums could be coming to the U.S. by 2020

According to a report in ArchitectsNewspaper, Jignesh ‘Jay’ Pandya, from Philadelphia, is planning to build eight new stadiums across the US.

The Atlanta metro area, The District of Columbia, Florida, Texas, the New York City metro area, Illinois, and California, are the shortlisted regions Pandya is targeting for new cricket teams. In a big step toward realisation, he and his firm Global Sports Ventures (GSV) have joined forces with JLL’s Sports and Entertainment Group to build eight stadiums in U.S. cities by 2020. The scheme, if built, will include restaurants and residential units.

GSV has said these eight stadiums will be a $2.4 billion investment, resulting in the creation of around 17,000 jobs. Each stadium is touted to cost between $70 million and $125 million to build, while specific sites are still being scouted out.

(Source: archpaper.com)

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