Earthy Indoor collection

Bubble Chair
This piece of art is known as “bubble”. Irregular circles are put together which are hand-forged in mild steel and covered in beautiful natural wicker. It is a chair specially designed for a contemporary urban homes

Bastar Art Chair
The tribal art design is made in mild steel through a combination
of brass bastar art from a tribal district of Chhattisgarh, which is
hand painted in antique gold brown putter finish.


Bar To give your home a more rustic look, this wicker bar with wooden frame and top is an ideal choice for any space.


Vintage Tripod Royal Fan
Made in wood and brass, the fan blades
run a powerful motor providing high
intensity air flow. These were initially
made for Royal Navy


Antique Telescope
This is an antique
brass extendable
nautical telescope
on a strong tripod. It
has excellent optics
for real viewing
and would make a
wonderful usable
nautical decor in any
office or home.


Amit Sawhney, Owner, Wicker World Wicker World’s furniture line evokes a feeling of relaxation and comfort – transforming home & office environments to unwind with friends, colleagues & family in unpretentious, authentic surroundings. Furniture manufactured by the company is highly exclusive in style without compromising the comfort. The company was established by free-spirited designer Arti Sawhney in year 1990, with a sole aim to design one of the most exclusive & extraordinary designer furniture available in India. She has been instrumental in creating the most exclusive furniture line over two decades to serve domestic and international markets. Amit Sawhney continuing to be the driving force of the foundation led by his mother has created a niche for the brand across the country. Sensitivity to material and attention to details, distinguish all our works. They design furniture pieces to suit distinct tastes and diverse environments in parity to price and quality. Their designs range from urban chic, modern classic to modern contemporary. Furniture designs manufactured are in fusion with diverse materials such as finest teak wood with wicker, mild steel with wicker & many more. With these eclectic mixes of raw materials, the designs manufactured by them have always been applauded. Wicker World dedication and committed to offer exclusive furniture pieces is gradually creating a niche in many prestigious homes of India and abroad. Enhancing the beautiful lines and forms of natural & sustainable materials with exquisite fabrics, textures and details we endeavour to deliver artistic & exclusive furniture pieces without compromise in terms of quality & comfort.

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