Dynamic Urban Planning

From the standpoint of urban planning, Noida Extension has a higher density of population than Noida or Greater Noida with a well-planned commercial and residential segregation. Rapid development in this region will enable it to become an ideal destination for habitation with the necessary facilities for community living. Palm Olympia is therefore conceived as a development with exclusive premium residences that are flanked by acres of pristine natural beauty. The design is intended to ensure an astounding living experience in the midst of an architectural and infrastructural haven surrounded by lush greenery. The spatial planning ensures that the end-users get to experience nature in all its glory and therefore the apartments have been designed to maximise the panoramic views.

Since urban living in a high-density area demands consolidation of units, the greens and open spaces are massed and distributed in one large contiguous space. The smaller greens and community spaces are more intimate spaces, facilitating interaction. In the quest for efficacy, a combination of plus shaped 8 apartments to a core plan has been evolved to accommodate 2/3 BHK dwellings. A fat, plus-shaped arrangement which has two units in each of its wings with a pair of lifts and a pair of staircases servicing the eight units. As a result of the compactness of the cluster plan, the area required under circulation is substantially lower with the added advantage of all units getting ventilation, light and most importantly visual privacy from another unit. The plus-shaped towers allow for joining two or more together and shaping a geometric site arrangement. Therefore, the plan shapes itself as a peripherally aligned site plan with open spaces getting consolidated in the center. Large windows and balconies allow for maximum

daylight. There is also a single tower in Y formation for larger units of 3 & 4 bedrooms. Strategically aligned on the East-West Axis, optimum orientation allows for natural light to majority of the units and central spaces. The site offers a very clean rectangular outline that is tapered at one end and the maximum frontage has been optimised to craft a beautiful geometry by laying out the towers in a linear fashion. The site has adequate focus on facilities such as sports and recreation. Harboring all major outdoor sports, a sports strip runs along the entire southern side of the site. MS pergolas line the ramps and walkways. Adopting local technologies and materials, the facade is dotted with traditional Chajjas, that serve as horizontal shading devices.The kerbs are done in Agra red grit and are finely ordered with concrete pavers across the site. A Large double height club area houses indoor badminton and squash courts along with a huge multi-purpose hall. The walls and floor of the clubhouse are laid in granite while its façade stands out in Agra red stone, with high gloss windows. A green roof caps the building, connecting the green element at all levels. An outdoor swimming pool rests in the center with other recreational facilities spread around kids play areas and lounging zones. Additionally, there are provisions for gymnasium, crèche, banquets and restaurants. Parking has been facilitated in the basement which receives adequate light and ventilation through dedicated cutouts. DGU’s (Double Glazed Unit) have been used in the dedicated areas to reduce the air conditioning loads. Unyielding on quality, each apartment is furnished with ace facilities and services. The whimsical view of the open sky, beautiful landscape, wide pathways, tree-lined well-lit roads and illuminated fountains accentuate the idyllic old world charm of the complex. It’s here that one would experience the perfect union of natural bounties with the best in its class architecture.

In the year 1995, three young architecture graduates from IIT Kharagpur started an architectural practice called Tevatia, Chauhan & Sharma Architects (TCS). The practice specialised and excelled in developing individual family homes. In 2003, the practice was rechristened as Design Forum International (DFI), with a clear intent to foster an egalitarian organisational ethos where distinctive architectural talent finds self-expression and can contribute in a democratic and collaborative work environment. While DFI plays its role as an agent of change, its efforts are rooted in the principles of responsiveness to local context and sustainable architecture. DFI’s prime objective is to achieve excellence in design, perfectly in balance to both time and cost. The firm’s team is committed to emphasise communication and design for the people and environment. DFI has emerged as an institution which attracts great design minds; who love to thrive in a professionally charged environment focusing on every detail and exploring new design methodology for every project.



fact file:
Architectural Firm Design Forum International
Project Name Palm Olympia
Location Noida Extension
Client Sam India Builtwell /
Sam India Abhimanyu Housing
Design Team Goonmeet singh Chauhan, Anil Kalra,
Alok Singh, Vikas Sharma,
Neetu, Pawan Prakash
Commencement 2009
Completion 2016
Area 25 acres
Photographer S Works Studio

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