‘Design and functionality are interconnected to each other’

Himanee Mrug
Himanee Mrug, Director, Vector Projects (I) Pvt. Ltd

Can you tell us about your career path, from education to training, work experience and previous role?
My journey in the field of architecture began almost 16 years ago. In the beginning, my role was more supportive in nature, focusing primarily on design developments and preparations of working drawings. While I was enhancing my skills as a budding architect, I also got an opportunity to study and work on development of Mill lands and related regulations. My exposure to such varied types of projects, helped to become a more confident and better professional, paving the way for my start with Vector Projects.

How has your role and professional journey evolved after getting associated with Vector Projects?
My association with Vector Projects has been for more than 15 years. The company offered a large spectrum allowing me to broaden my vision or rather get me a bird’s eye-view of its diverse functions. I had the prospect to build my own team and lead it; as a professional this not only boosted my confidence but also gave me chance to develop from an employee to an intrapreneur. In the past few years, I have led over 400 projects and today as a Director and a successful woman architect I can take pride in my achievements.

What are the design trends for future offices?
The crux of office designing in future will be to cater the needs and expectations of the new generation that will step-in any organization – Generation Z. The coming years will focus on the following aspects:

  • Employee Engagement will be pivotal with employee friendly premises with an amalgamation of sustainable designs
  • Offices will welcome home-inspired designs to promote a sense of belongingness within employees and help them feel comfortable
  • Tech-driven approach will be a major determinant which will shape the office of tomorrow
  • Flexible workspaces will continue to thrive. Spaces will be easy to reconfigure thus making them more dynamic in nature
  • Unconventional areas will be a preferred option. This concept will be similar to breakout zones which will include casual meeting spaces, agile and flexible seating arrangements and desks with an addition of multipurpose furniture

Flexible working hours, co-working spaces along with pockets of privacy, Crèche, Gym and other integrated services will make future offices much more engaging.

In terms of furniture what is important design or functionality?
Explain. For any furniture design and functionality are important, both are interconnected to each other. Function should determine the design and in return design has to be drawn keeping in mind the functionality, aesthetics and cost.

Contemporary furniture are the best example, they are multipurpose, flexible and blend in well within a premise. Offices for can opt for ergonomically enhanced furniture that is flexible, comfortable and lends balanced look to the overall space.

How has Vector Projects evolved as an interior solution provider since its inception?
Vector is a one-stop shop for all interior requirements including modular workstations and chairs. Vector was a profit making company from its very first year, we started off as a company that focused on execution and were successfully strengthening our presence across India; we further expanded our foot-prints internationally. We moved on to create ARTMATRIX, which is our in-house brand of internationally acclaimed modular workstations and chairs with manufacturing and testing facilities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This was followed by setting up of our manufacturing facility at Pen, Maharashtra. Our recent achievement was the merger with Uniply Industries, a leading plywood manufacturing company in India.

We believe in delivering quality services with a quick turnaround time. Till date we have successfully delivered over 1500 projects till date, completed over 15 million sq ft of area and installed over 3, 00,000 workstations and chairs.

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