D’Decor launches a range of innovative commercial blinds


D’Decor, a leading manufacturer and exporter of curtains and upholstery fabrics has launched a variety of commercial blinds for workplace.

Sanjana Arora, Busines Head, The D’Decor Stores and D’Decor Blinds (Domestic Distribution) shares, “D’Decor has launched a versatile range of commercial blinds that are an ideal window design solution at commercial spaces like workstations, offices, corporate buildings etc. These blinds are not just visually appealing with a plethora of fabric, design and colour options but also leverage state-of-the art technology incorporating measures to combat safety and health hazards at the workplace.”

Through careful research and development, D’Decor has developed not just aesthetically pleasing but also technologically advanced blinds for the workspace that ensure the best finish and the fastest turn around time. The blinds come with both motorised and manual operating systems, a five year warranty program and extremely efficient after sales service. D’Decor has taken innovative solutions a notch higher by introducing blinds that are antibacterial, flame retardant and water repellent to combat safety and hygiene issues in commercial spaces.

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