Crompton introduces its new range of fans, V-sense, Aura, Airbuddy

With the summer heat increasing by the day, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd, has introduced a collection of state-of-the-art fans to help tackle the soaring temperatures. Its smart voltage chips enabled fan called ‘Vsense’ and Duratech technology powered fans called ‘Aura’ that come with a 5-year warranty are designed to deliver superlative performance over the years. These fans combine the latest electronic technology with Crompton’s famed engineering excellence.

Exclaiming on its latest innovation, Rangarajan Sriram, Vice President, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd said, “Innovation to address unmet consumer needs has been at the core of our differentiating proposition. We are pleased to introduce yet another innovation in our portfolio of fans with V-sense, Aura and Airbuddy that highlights factors spanning from utility, reliability and energy efficiency to aestheticism and revolutionary technology coming together to better consumer experiences and home. This only reinforces our strong commitment towards introducing innovative products that deliver high strength and performance while strongly integrating consumer insights.”

Climbing temperatures and soaring summer heat coupled with issues like frequent power outages and low voltage conditions have been some of the biggest worries in parts of the country. At low voltages, normal fans lose speed thereby compromising the comfort and convenience at home. Taking cognisance of this, Crompton has developed a perfect solution to this problem in the form of Vsense – an energy efficient fan that works at optimum speed at voltages even as low as 140V. This ensures that one does not have to compromise on the comfort that the fan is expected to deliver even one is faced with a low voltage problem. With a 100% full copper and a heavy-duty motor, the fan also has a double ball bearing that means less vibration and noise. The product comes in 2 variants: `Vsense’ and ‘Vsense Deco’ priced at INR 1920 and INR 2110 respectively. It has initially been launched in the city of Patna and will soon be introduced in Lucknow and later in other parts of the country.

Another innovation that the company has just launched is the new Aura collection that combines a beautiful design along with breakthrough performance. This new range of Aura anti-dust fans come with a five-year warranty powered by Duratech, the new gold standard in performance technology. The floral Aura Designer fans (2D and 3D designs) and the decorative Aura Prime fans (Plain) will lift the charm quotient of any room. In addition, the fan includes the five key components that form the core of the Duratech technology: a high endurance box capacitor, dual coat copper, a superior 2-piece construction, high standard CRNGO steel and high grade EMQ bearings. Available at INR 4300 for Aura Designer fans and INR 3800 for Aura Prime fans, this range will soon be available across all leading stores.

The company continuously strives to drive innovation based on a deep understanding of consumer needs. In Indian homes, the kitchen is the hottest place due to limited exhaust facilities. Using a traditional ceiling fan in the kitchen is not an ideal option as it disturbs the flame of the gas stove. Keeping these in mind, the ‘Airbuddy’ has been designed with an adjustable louver for desired air flow that allows the homemaker to enjoy cool breeze without disturbing the gas flames while cooking. Its sleek compact design can be easily accommodated on the platform, mounted on the wall, under the cabinet horizontally or vertically. Available at INR 3500, the product has been launched in various parts of the country.

Mathew Job, CEO, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd (CGCR), commented on the latest launch, “Over the years, Crompton has consistently tried to bring consumer relevant innovations to the market. These product concepts have been developed combining our deep understanding of the consumer and our superior R & D capability. The ‘anti-dust’ range of fans that attract 50% less dust, the ‘Air 360’ range of fans whose air delivery covers 50% more space and the ‘Tricool’ window cooler that delivers enhanced cooling are some of the breakthrough innovations we have brought to market in the last couple of years. We are now launching an array of fans that score high on features, performance and aesthetics.”

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