CMC launch Quartz products in the Classic Ligne Series

KalingaStone Quartz Kitchen Counter with Black MarquinaClassic Marble Company (CMC) has announced the launch of two new Quartz products from its Classic Ligne series under brand KalingaStone. Designed and developed as most suitable for countertop installations, both variants are jet black quartz and sport the popular vein patterns. Black Marquina with its bold pearl white veins and Black Portoro with its fragile shimmering brass veins against their black backgrounds offer a dramatic visual.

As countertop applications these can be installed in kitchen or dining areas at residential as well commercial premises and are suitable as work top installations too. Being one of the hardest stones, quartz has the longest lifespan and it doesn’t weather even under the harshest conditions. The stone is non-porous and so is highly sanitary and stain-resistant and, is a preferred choice in utility applications. An ideal stone for hob or sink installations, despite being in constant contact with water or other effluents, it retains its surface gloss for an extended time span. It can be cut in to the desired shapes and given contours for fancy designs and décor for installing hobs, sinks, or even basins.

Applications typically in hotels and malls where the length of the counters are uncommonly large, quartz becomes an ideal solution that can carry the weight of sinks or basins installed in it without buckling or cracking.

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