CMC’S Latest Offering – Spiderment Marble from ‘9th Avenue’

Classic Marble Company (CMC) has launched one of the finest marble products – ‘Spiderment’ from its 9th Avenue gallery collection. The newly launched natural stone is one of the rarest and exquisite natural marble found on Earth.

Spiderment wall at CMC’s 9th Avenue Gallery in Silvassa

Spiderment is a white marble, displaying a dark brown vein emerging from one edge, and subtly extricating on the other side to create a spectacular abstract piece of art. The unusual stone is embellished with dark and light orange veins and mottles. The classic marble surface with orange and brown mix creates a mesmerising visual for walls. A book-matching of the design further beautifies its appearance.

These first choice materials are showcased at CMC’s boutique gallery in Silvassa. The products are handpicked varieties of choicest stones sourced from across the world by a highly experienced team of stonologists.

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