CMC Launches Saudi Bianco for Countertop Applications in Quartz

Saudi Bianco KalingaStone Quartz Table Top by CMC

Classic Marble Company (CMC) has launched its latest quartz product, Saudi Bianco from its KalingaStone collection exclusively for countertop applications. The light-toned white stone displays the characteristic brown, maroon and grey chips that lend the quartz stone its distinct look. Saudi Bianco is an extremely tough stone designed to resist wear and tear and is also equally elegant which lends a verve of European tone and touch to the kitchen décor.

Quartz being a non-porous material withstands tough staining including turmeric, lime, citric acid or other regular spills. Besides this, the product is sturdy, and scratch and heat resistant which rate it high for countertop and worktop applications. Saudi Bianco is available in two different sizes of 315 x 145 cm and 325 x 165 cm, and thickness of 20 mm making it suitable for countertop applications in residential as well as commercial areas. The product can be cut in required shapes and sizes and is fully compatible with sink and hob fittings. A sublime blend of beauty and utility, the Saudi Bianco makes for a perfect kitchen countertop for modern kitchens.

Saudi Bianco KalingaStone Quartz Table Top by CMC

Company: Classic Marble Company

Brand: KalingaStone Quartz

Product: Saudi Bianco

Specs: 315 x 145 cm & 325 x 165 cm

Thickness: 20 mm

Price: On request

Address: Classic Marble Company Pvt. Ltd.

15, Bhandup Village Road, Subhash Nagar, Bhandup (W), Mumbai 400078


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