CMC Introduces New Terrazzo Marble Products

Classic Marble Company (CMC) has introduced its latest Terrazzo products – Forum, Trevi and Elba from its KalingaStone marble collection. Part of the mosaic design range, the new Terrazzo products are unique in themselves. While Forum is a lighter marble shade with distinguishing dark chips, Trevi and Elba are both dark marble but with light colour chips embedded in them. Trevi and Elba are different in a way that the chips in Elba are finer and colourful while Trevi is a perfect blend of black and white. Redefined for modern architecture, the Terrazzo collection is a unique offering which combines the exquisiteness of mosaics and the elegance of marble in a slab.

The mosaic patterned Terrazzo, despite being a relatively new range, has become extremely popular in the interiors world and mosaics are making a great comeback. While all three products are perfectly suited for all marble based applications, they’ve been mostly adapted for flooring and wall claddings. Elba especially makes for a great wall highlighter with its abstract design and can offer a different dimension to the installed space.

Besides being visually gratifying, the products also feature the characteristics of being less porous, more flexible and harder than natural marble making the marble an obvious choice for different types of interior and decor applications like flooring, walls, table tops, etc. in commercial as well as residential areas.

Specs:  304 X 125 cm
Thickness: 18 mm and 20mm

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