CMC introduces its latest porcelain tiles offering –Statuario Bianco

Statuario Bianco Quadra bathroom installation by CMC

Classic Marble Company (CMC) has announced the launch of its latest porcelain tile offering – Statuario Bianco. Introduced under the Quadra range of design surfaces, the Statuario Bianco is a white slab exhibiting fissured grey streaks across its surface. With a thickness of only 12mm and size 3200mm x 1600mm, the product is suitable for interior and exterior flooring, wall cladding and counter top applications. The extra-large size renders a bright and seamless appearance with the grey streaks adding a sublime subtle to the overall look of the space.

The main feature this product is its homogeneous full body design. The edges of Statuario Bianco have the same finish and look as its upper surface allowing it to be cut in any shape. The cut edges continue to display the same colour and design as is seen on the surface of the slab. The tiles are non-porous, evenly textured and have a uniform thickness, allowing diverse installation possibilities.

CMC, through a strategic tie-up with the Indonesian tiles maker PT Quadra Dinamika International, is offering the Indian market a new hi-tech, extra-large format porcelain tiles product. Quadra is is known in the international markets and the architectural world for its superior quality and versatility.

The products introduced under this brand are available in the sizes that range from the largest at 3200mm x 1600mm to the regular 1200mm x 1200mm. Apart from the range in sizes, the porcelain tiles are available in five unique designs that include stone, quartz, cement, wood and metal, all of which are available in finishes that are shiny polished surface, matt surface and matt structured surface. Made using an environment-friendly, sustainable material, the tiles are non-porous, have maximum strength and durability, and are very low on maintenance.

Company: Classic Marble Company

Brand: Quadra

Product: Statuario Bianco

Specs: Available in standard dimensions of 3200 x 1600mm

Thickness: 12mm

Price: On request

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